October 19, 2016

João Tostes is a Brazilian musician, who graduated from Bituca – University of Popular Music in Barbacena, Brazil. He’s been playing the ukulele since 2010 and is in charge of Toca Ukulele project, which is one of the biggest educational and, comprehensive, ukulele projects in Brazil. Through the ukulele he has been able to meet and connect with many Brazilian artists and bands, whom he’s helped and assisted within the industry. Currently, he’s preparing for his first ukulele instrumental album.



"Someone that was abroad in Brazil introduced me to his Ohana TK-20CE. Unfortunately, he didn't have time to play it and ended up selling it to me. In return, the ukulele ended up changing my life and the way that I play. The Ohana ukuleles are affordable and are really nice to play. They have very good intonation and stay in tune. I have tried and tested many ukes for the Toca Ukulele project and while making reviews, but I continue playing my TK-20CE along with other jewels like the TK-35CE, TK-250GCE and the baritone BK-70. I just love them all."

João Tostes


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