February 02, 2022

Ohana Ukuleles has a great selection of tonewoods and it's the perfect time to get to know a few select solid top models! 

Which tonewood is a solid choice for your playing style? Find out with our short-list below.

Top 3 Solid-Top Tonewoods

1. Mahogany - TKGL-20 Tenor Guitarlele (demo by Kamaki Keawe)

Sustain is what it’s all about with this tonewood. For long-lasting notes that are full without being brittle or too bright, a solid mahogany soundboard will carry. Excellent bass and mid range tones are one of the main characteristics of beautiful mahogany. More info on this instrument here.



2. Cedar - CK-50ME Concert (demo by Bernadette Plazola)

Cedar is sought after for its warmth and fullness of tone. For artists and music that require a softer, mellower touch, this tonewood is the way to go! Bernadette warms our hearts with a demo on a concert cedar top. More info on this uke here.



3. Spruce - TK-70R Tenor (demo by Lise Lee)

We use spruce tops for a number of models as it tends to create a bright tone, perfect for cutting through a music class. Listen to a stellar Ohana artist by the name of Lise Lee as she demonstrates how this popular spruce top sounds. More info on this uke here.



How did you like the sound of these solid-tops? These models are popular so check your nearest dealer and add one or two to your collection, today!


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