July 26, 2019

At Ohana, we love finding new tonewoods and treatments that bring visual depth to our instruments as well as interesting new sound qualities. One of our most recent endeavors is our series using Quilted Eucalyptus.

By choosing a quilted eucalyptus, we were able to maximize the beautiful play of lighter coloring naturally found in the wood. This gorgeous raw material looks like an ocean of waves in iridescent blonde tones. Sourced in Australia, quilted eucalyptus is not often used in stringed instrument builds due to the inherent weight of the material. Traditionally, it is more common to use this striking wood as a top or veneer. Thankfully, when applied to a ukulele body the weightier wood type is comforting to hold rather than heavy.

Ohana’s CK-450QEL Quilted Eucalyptus Detail


Ohana’s CK-450Q

In 2018, Ohana introduced the CK-450QEL made in all solid quilted eucalyptus. This limited edition model features a number of specialty appointments that really help highlight the gorgeous blonde tones represented in the eucalyptus wood. We’ve chosen a darkly stained hardwood binding to complement the light tones of the -450QEL, with artistically applied body purfling and a bookmatched back in abalone inlay.  A floral inlay marks the 12th fret, also marked by the contrasting maple inlay along the dark-toned fretboard binding. A tightline inlay up the back of the neck finishes into a decorative eucalyptus veneer at the heel, also bound in rich wood. The rosette is a substantial abalone inlay— making this model one of our most flashy— finished in high gloss with an artistic slotted headstock.

Players describe our CK-450QEL as sounding warm and clear, with a full tone and excellent sustain. The exact voice can be adjusted somewhat with string choice to suit any style of playing.


The New CK-150QEL

Our newest addition to the Ohana Quilted Eucalyptus line, is our CK-150QEL. This stunner is part of our exotic laminate series with the popular CK-150SMP and retired -15BWE & -100G. The new CK-150QEL is also finished in high gloss, but with a classic headstock and Grover gears.

This gorgeous instrument is the best of both worlds— lovely thanks to the quilted eucalyptus and sturdy due to the laminate build. We’ve carried over the dark hardwood binding, with a simpler black/white purfling and faux comfort edge. A wood and abalone inlay completes the rosette for this model— a perfect pairing for the gold and platinum hues of the eucalyptus. Grover geared tuners make getting to pitch a breeze, paired with black buttons to contrast the headstock veneer.

Which of these beautiful models will you add to your collection?