March 07, 2019

(Read about our beginner-friendly artist model, the CK-14CL, in our earlier blog post here)


Ohana proudly unveils the new Cynthia Lin Performance Model, the CK-35CG-CL concert scale ukulele in all-solid Mahogany. Making a great choice in your go-to ukulele will bring more joy to your playing and to those around you. We made it our mission to create an instrument so comfortable to play, it makes you run to the latest tutorial from the sensational Cynthia Lin!

Many students find that as their playing skills increase over time, they are more inclined to tackle advanced songs and chord shapes— and need a more advanced instrument to carry along on the journey. The new all-solid collaboration with Cynthia Lin is perfect for that journey, whether to your favorite playing chair or to the professional stage.


" For my students who are ready for a performance level ukulele, I worked with Ohana to design an all-solid instrument that I feel is stage-worthy. I find that the rich tone of the all-solid mahogany complements my voice, the distinguished look of the inlay and gloss shine on stage, and the playability of the strings and the cutaway make the CK-35CG-CL my go-to ukulele. "


Cynthia Lin with the new CK-35CG-CL

A Closer Look

The new CK-35CG-CL is made from all-solid Mahogany, a wood type prized for its richness of tone and ability to mature over time and hours played. As you spend time with the instrument, you’ll find it projects more and becomes richer with age. A high gloss finish helps protect the wood and provides just a bit of flash on stage.

We chose a concert scale for this instrument, ensuring you’ll never ‘grow out of’ playing this gorgeous ukulele. A sweet and sassy cutaway allows for excellent reach close to the body. No chord progression will be out of your reach!


Worth Brown strings allow the all-solid Mahogany to sing to its richest, warmest, most delightful tones. These fluorocarbon strings from Japan are soft on fingers and big on voice—Cynthia finds that they provide consistently excellent intonation.

Every one of these limited edition ukuleles will arrive packed in a top of the line UOT-24 case. This lovely hardshell is the best of both worlds when it comes to protection and aesthetics. Classy olive twill and brass hardware hide a rich plush burgundy interior— a luxury resting space for your instrument.

Make sure to check the interior compartment for your Deluxe Swag Bundle from Ohana and Cynthia!

And, of course, Cynthia’s Signature and floral inlay adorn each one, a reminder of her thoughtful commitment to a quality ukulele for her fans and students.

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