December 02, 2021

That's a wrap! The year is almost over and we wanted to stop and take stock of all the cool things that happened so far. Join us as we go down memory lane. 2021 saw our ohana step out with caution as we found ways to share our love for the ukulele.

2021 NAMM - 1st Virtual Show Ever

Starting the year off with the first ever virtual NAMM, Ohana waded into the deeper waters of live streaming. We hosted a couple of live demos with Ohana friends and artists. We called in the greats to show off our new models and play some of our tried-and-true. You can check these out on our YouTube channel but here's a highlight reel.

Ohana Sessions

From there, we dived right into more livestreaming with the launch of the Ohana Sessions. This monthly series on YouTube showcases our artists’ and friends’ music, talent, and Ohana instrument capabilities. Streaming live on YouTube was fun while it lasted but we decided Youtube Premiere was the better choice. More control for best audio and performance. We found that the live chat is how we can stay connected in real-time during the show. After our first year, we are excited to bring you more Ohana Sessions better than ever in 2022. Watch all of the Ohana Sessions available on our YouTube channel.

FB Uke Jams w/ Devin Scott 

Around the same time we started the Ohana Sessions, we beefed up our FB group with a limited run of #OhanaUkesJam w/ Devin Scott. A little something to keep our group strumming and enjoying the ukulele community.

We took a break at the end of the summer and are working on future plans. With our final jam of 2021 in August, we bid adieu with a giveaway (congrats, Joe!). Our uke jams with Devin Scott can be experienced as an on-demand jam, like the above video.

Congrats to Joe Garcia for this tiny uke win!

Speaking Of Giveaways...

We are always involved with fun giveaways involving dealers, artists, friends, and festivals!  Here's a snapshot of a couple of fun ones with our Ohana artists, Chloe Hennessee and Lise Lee.

Speaking Of Festivals...

Ohana Ukuleles was at a number of ukulele festivals and events this year, either in uke, artist, or dealer form. We've participated in Uke Like The Pros' Ukulele Day Fest, Ashokan Uke Fest, Allegheny Soiree, Dani Joy's Glamp-Out, Mighty Uke Day, Reno Ukulele Festival, Rocky Mountain Festival, TBUG, and more! 

These are where uke-minded folks gather to stay connected in the community and we are extremely thankful to be a part of it.
Devin Scott visited Uke Republic right before TBUG (a.k.a. Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway) and we were blessed with this gem of an FB live from this Ohana Dealer. 

Speaking of Facebook Lives....

We started our FB Group Live Weekly Chats in late 2020 but have been in full swing since then. Steph, Lei, Chris, and the whole Ohana staff enjoy going live every Wednesday to answer questions and give you the latest and greatest updates on the Ohana Ukuleles Community! Don't forget to join our Facebook Group.


2022 and Beyond

With our current reality, we might not be prepared for everything that may happen but Ohana Ukuleles is READY! We are excited to continue our uke-loving journey with our growing family into the new year and beyond.

We already know that the ukulele is not going away and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. Join us on our socials and keep in touch. And don’t forget to join our email list to stay up to date with any Ohana news, discounts, giveaways, etc.