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Kalama Heritage Festival promo image 2019

Kalama Heritage Festival

The Kalama Heritage Festival celebrates the revival of the original days of discovery taking place where it all started- The Marine Park Port of Kalama Washington. 

reno ukulele festival 2019 banner

Reno Ukulele Festival 2019

The Reno Ukulele Festival 2019 celebrates the diversification of the ukulele over the years and the different playing styles it has garnered. This year it sees the likes of top industry artists such as, Marcy Marxer, Cathy Fink, Daniel Ho and Gerald Ross.

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Shaker in the shape of a ukulele: The Ohana Shakerlele

Rhythm Line The new Ohana Shakerlele, like the Bongolele®, was created in collaboration with Daniel Ho. They both feature a...

Daniel Ho

Daniel Ho is a skilled musician and Grammy award winning producer, from Hawaii. Ohana had the pleasure of first working...