Copy of Cynthia Lin Solid Koa Signature Series

For the Cynthia superfan in your life -- or maybe that's you!

The Cynthia Lin Signature Series is a labor of love for all of the support that you have given to Cynthia over the years. We pulled out all the stops to bring you this classy, high-grade koa ukulele while keeping the identifying features of this series: Cynthia's signature on the headstock and a plumeria inlay at the 12th fret.

This Solid Koa Signature comes in your choice of concert or tenor size, bundled with a black hardshell case to match the classy aesthetic, and of course, a swag pack from Ohana and Cynthia.

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NOTE: Actual product will come pre-installed with D'Addario Titanium EJ87T strings, rather than Worth Browns as pictured. (Cynthia prefers the EJ87T set for this koa instrument!)

NOTE: Appearance in the wood graining may vary due to the nature of Koa -- no two pieces of Koa wood look alike.

Available to order Friday, December 9!