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Ohana Ukulele Hardshell Case UCH-xx


Protect and carry your ukulele with the stylish Ohana black ukulele hardshell case!


The UCH-xx is a ukulele hardshell case that is very durable and provides excellent protection for your instrument. It features a shaped wood case, covered with a black “Dura-Grip,” genuine imitation pebbled pleather. The interior is plush lined which keeps the instrument in place. 



  • Ukulele Hardshell Case (shaped) with Durable Plywood Construction
  • Super Durable Exterior Black “Dura-Grip” Material
  • Arched Top Design for Extra Instrument Protection
  • Exterior Trim All-around Top Cover for Extra Durability
  • Chrome-Finished Drawbolt Case Latches
  • Plush Interior in Black Color
  • Interior Heel Rest with Accessory Storage Compartment


Available Sizes:



Size: Fits Ohana Sopranissimo ukuleles (O’Nino, O’Nina)
List Price: $89



Size: Fits all Ohana Sopranino ukuleles (sk-21 series)
List Price: $89



Size: Fits all Ohana standard Soprano ukuleles
List Price: $89



Size: Fits Ohana Soprano concert scale ukuleles (SK-xxM Models) & Soprano Tenor scale SK-30L ukulele
List Price: $99



Size: Fits all Ohana standard Concert ukuleles
List Price: $99

            SUPER CONCERT


Size: Fits Ohana Super Concert Ukulele (concert with Tenor Scale) CK-35L
List Price: $99



Size: Fits all Ohana standard TK- tenor ukuleles & 5-string tenors
List Price: $99



Size: Fits all Ohana BK- baritone ukuleles
List Price: $109