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Our Story

Quality, Playability, and Value

Headquartered in Long Beach, CA, we at Ohana, believe in the importance of Quality, Playability, and Value. Since 2006, we have focused on making ukuleles from rich tone woods and constructions that yield the best-sounding instruments possible.

From Our Warehouse To You

We are passionate in what we do, which is why we make it our top priority to properly inspect and set up every instrument before being shipped. We believe that an instrument ought to be functional, playable, and most importantly, be able to inspire a person to continue to learn and create music.

At Ohana, we believe innovation is the key to any endeavor, tempered with an appreciation of those who paved the way for the ukulele before us. When conceptualizing a new line, we take everything into consideration— from sourcing and pairing tone woods, to the unique shape and construction of each model.



The Ohana Spirit

As a player, you deserve Quality, Playability, and Value, when purchasing a musical instrument. Thank you for choosing Ohana as part of your ukulele collection. We promise to continue to strive for excellence in our instruments and service.

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Ohana Ukuleles TK-42 Solid Sinker Redwood and Rosewood Tenor

….   Specs  

View Product $699.00

Ohana Ukuleles TK-35G-5 All-Solid Mahogany 5-String Tenor

This 5-String tenor is paired with low and high G strings.   Specs  

View Product $499.00

Ohana Ukuleles TK-35-10 All-Solid Mahogany 10-string Tenor

Our TK-35-10 is a vintage reproduction of the Columbian Tiple.  

View Product $569.00

Ohana Ukuleles TK-75CG Solid Spruce & Solid Flamed Maple Tenor


View Product $699.00